These are a few installation shots of my current exhibition, titled SUPER NATURAL SUBLIME. The exterior structure, made from pine lengths and builder's plastic, is roughly based on the architecture of a greenhouse. Those familiar with some of my previous installations will recognise the cardboard door at the entrance. In the corner of the entrance is a cardboard fan, which I made using a motor from an old record player.

The gallery is deliberately dimly lit, with a single globe above the entrance to entice visitors inside.
Within this structure is another similarly DIY structure; a tabletop shrouded in black plastic, upon which are an assortment of tropical plants constructed from flourescent paper. Above this arrangement hovers a drip-system which is linked to a motion sensor inside the room. Essentially, whenever anyone passes through the door, they begin the cycle of irrigation which is set up to rain upon the paper plants. The postion of the plants and the holes in the dripping tubes is completely arbitrary; the intention being for the system to behave like an elaborate scientific experiment.
* * *

The audience is thus responsible for the ultimate destruction of these carefully constructed, seemingly delicate flowers and plants.

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