Unnatural History utilises Vitrine as a site for a miniature diorama, as one would encounter in a museum of natural history - at least, a museum based on the empirical classification of 'historical' or 'natural' artefacts. In this case, the papier-mache and cardboard artefacts presented highlight the increasing difficulty with which we differentiate between the constructed and natural worlds.

Although these objects are archaic in both their construction and content, they represent the shape of things to come - an entirely fabricated nature. Unnatural History critically questions the cultural apparatus through which our perception of 'the natural' is formed, and simultaneously alludes to humankind's own wilful and inevitable destruction of the environment.

* * *

Unnatural History opens in the Vitrine @ Platform, Degraves Street Subway in Melbourne, on Friday June 5th, from 6 - 8pm

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