Seventh Up @ FELTspace

These are some installation shots of the Seventh Up exhibition at FELTspace in Adelaide.

My work is the one in the black recycling containers, titled 'Nu-Mystic'. A very daggy title, but the work is a bit of a joke...a little dig at the emerging trend towards the esoteric, and a proliferation of shamanic or 'tribal' references in art work I've seen around the place. It seems that more often than not, these kind of references are purely fashionable gestures and not grounded in any real investigation of ancient or foreign cultures...

Also pictured are [and apologies, I've forgotten some of the titles] a miniature, portable protest by Rebecca Agnew, the video 'Everything I will Inherit' by Emma Morgan pictured with Jonas Ropponen's phallic ceramic cactus; Amy-Jo Jory's floor-projected film of an amusement park ride which morphs into a mechanised monster or blossoming flower; Peter Thomas' dramatic sculpture of a Roman-style stadium; Kim Jaeger's Jesus Rulz, which was the subject of an art-heist during the exhibition: the inscription 'Anyone who takes this ruler Dies' proved irresistable to the now doomed thief.
Thanks to FELTspace and all the wonderful artists involved for providing such an enjoyable experience of Adelaide and showing us where the good bars are.

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