Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey

My obsession continues - I bought this book online for just a few bucks, despite it's seminal role in a very specific chapter in the history of minimal art. The book is referenced in Robert Smithson's essay A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey, which discusses what Smithson refers to as 'ruins in reverse' - esentially sites of development and construction which were, according to the law of entropy, in the simultaneous states of construction and collapse...
The title Earthworks was later used for an exhibition which was held at the Dwan Gallery in New York, in 1968.
Artsists such as Michael Heizer, Claes Oldenburg, Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt and Richard Long exhibited, along with Smithson, obviously. The exhibition is cited as being the 'launch' of the Land Art movement - and the same title was again borrowed for a book which discusses the history of this movement [by Suzaan Boettger].
Having said all that - I have chosen Smithson as my 'idol' for a group show in which we've been invited to create works that are related to our personal idols. I guess I had no choice...
Either way, this book seems like a pretty good starting point.

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