Downward Spiral [Prototype for a New Taxonomy]

The drawing above is an attempt at mapping out my interpretation of nature.
[yes, it's a crappy photo. sorry. that's why I make things...]
It is called 'folskonomy', which according to wikipedia, is a sarcastic combination of the two terms, folk and taxonomy, as made by serious scientists who don't believe ways of perceiving the world around them other than one which was invented by a man a few hundred years ago.
The sculpture above is my first attempt at physically mapping out this system.
It was made using things that I found lying around the studio; lots of them from other sculptures that I've dismantled.
The title of this work, which is the title of this post, refers to the confused and deteriorating relationship humans have developed with the world in which they exist, and are part of.
As a prototype, it is highly flawed - there are lots of things missing.
But if I continued on the trajectory that developed while I was doing my drawing, it would become like a fractal - an infinite sculpture.
And who has time for that?

[This is what it looked like in my studio when I turned the lights off]

The sculpture is currently on display at C3, at the Abbotsford convent.


  1. I'm particularly amused by the fact that Vegetarians are only one remove from Terrorism...

  2. Dude, I'm here at C3 now, and was so struck by your sculpture that I googled you immediately. I'm a practitioner (and academic) in the field of 'strategic foresight' and you made me lol. Keep up the great work! :D

  3. Wow, thankyou for your comments - your spontaneous on-site googling is very inspiring. Sadly, I lack the technology to respond so swiftly to such situations. But I googled 'strategic foresight' and have become rather enamoured by the term 'futurology'...