Westspace Vivarium

These are some photos of a work I made for the toilets in the new premises of Westspace gallery, in the CBD. The work, which I have tentatively titled In-Situ Vitrine, is a paper-mâché sculpture, finished with resin and set inside a perspex and  timber vivarium, which I built around the existing art-deco style urinal. Vivariums are transparent cases used for the growth of exotic plants or animals in environments usually unsuitable for their survival. The details for the orchids represented here (they are based on existing species orchids, not exact versions) were taken from 19C botanical illustrations. All three species originate from tropical locales. 

Photos courtesy KJ

Aside from helping preserve the paper-mâché, the resin gives the whole work a slimy, or freshly soaked feel. Considering its setting, this adds a little touch of abjection. 

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