In the middle of everywhere

Some time last year, I was sitting outside the Jackpot Bakery in Wentworth, watching the cars cruise by along the silver city highway, and chomping on a meat pie which I was washing down with a Big M. Having just spent a while walking around and photographing the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers, I was biding my time before heading back to my campsite near Merbein [see previous post here]. As I casually eavesdropped on a group of post-middle-aged ladies from Adelaide the discussing property prices in various locales around their native city, I overheard something that stood out from the rest of the chatter: "...she was right in the middle of everywhere..."

This unusual phrase caught my attention because it contrasted so strongly to the familiar phrase 'middle of nowhere', and also to my whereabouts at that exact moment [apologies, residents of Wentworth]. It made me wonder where exactly the middle of everywhere might in be - if not anywhere...
I suspect being in the middle of everywhere has something to do with your state of mind - what you want or need in relation to your location.

Anyway - I thought of it just now because I was talking to some friends who had recently been canoeing on the Whanganui River in New Zealand, and had passed by the Bridge to Nowhere. I had been informed of this bridge at an earlier date by one of said canoeists, I think because she knew that I am fond of absurd things, and interested in clashes between human technology and the natural world.

And on the topic of the natural world, this weekend I am heading up to Mushroom Rocks near Mt Baw Baw,  to refresh my acquaintance with the lovely old beech trees and strange granite formations, and hopefully catch a glimpse of some solar-induced stellar activity...

With any luck, there'll be some new photos next time I write.

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