Forgetting the Ordinary, Pt. II @ Sawtooth ARI, Launceston

To those of you who have taken the time to occasionally have a look at this blog, I apologise. Whenever I have a (forced or otherwise) hiatus from updating, I inevitably come back to it feeling like a parent who has suddenly realised that their kids have grown into teenagers and no longer want to speak to them, and are suddenly overcome with regret that they didn't spend more quality time together in the 'golden years' before...

Luckily this blog is unlikely to get bad tattoos, take drugs, listen to emo music or just generally ignore me.

Gross generalisations aside, I recently traveled to Launceston, in northern Tasmania, for the second installment of the exhibition Forgetting the Ordinary, with Paul Wotherspoon and Michael Georgetti, and this time with a newcomer to the group, Ross Coulter. The exhibition continued our collective examination of the everyday, and the absurdities or moments of profound banality that may occur within the realm of 'the ordinary'. 

Sawtooth gallery, Launceston's local ARI, is a really beautiful and professional space, and seems to run very smoothly under the captaincy of Fernando do Campo, the gallery director. On the whole Launceston was lovely; I saw macaques in the park, ate delicious southern-style ribs (pork, not macaque), saw some amazing old brick architecture and almost went for a trek up Cataract Gorge. I'm looking forward to visiting again when I go back to hike the Overland day.

The pictured art works below are attributed as follows (I'm sorry everyone, I've forgotten the titles - even to one of my own works...):
Galah/boots - me
Bananas, titled One small step - me
Big black structure - Paul
Fluorescent painting - Michael
Ramshackle tower, titled Shrine to the absurd - Michael
Shelf with paintings - Ross

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