Coming Up: "Pulp Fictions", with Jonas Ropponen

I have recently been working with my friend and colleague Jonas Ropponen to create a collection of works for an upcoming exhibition, titled Pulp Fictions. This show uses the process of making paper-mâché as a kind of metaphoric departure point for a collaborative exchange of materials and ideas. Given that Jonas and I are both frequent users of this medium, it seemed an appropriate way of engaging each other's practice. At its essence, the making of paper mâché requires the deconstruction of one object in order to construct a new one (newspaper into piñata, for example), so we have adapted this approach as a system of exchange and transformation. 

We have been giving each other objects which the other has been transforming, or using as a conceptual springboard to create something new. Sculptures, pictures, found objects, rubbish and studio ephemera have been swapped, and are currently undergoing a process of reinvention. The exhibition will be a collaborative installation of the final products.

Pulp Fictions will be on display at Westspace, from 17th May to 8th June, 2013.
Opening event, May 16th, from 6-8pm.

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