format Festival

Huzzah! I've just posted some work to Adelaide for the Format Festival, which coincides with Adeliade Festival but is more DIY and proabably heaps more interesting.

My friend Logan Macdonald is curating the particluar show it's for, titled NEO_LIFE, which addresses the dualistic themes of nature/landscape and their relevance in contemporary life-as-we-know-it.

For this show I've made a kinetic drawing - something which I've wanted to do for ages, but the opportunity hadn't really presented itself. I realised that if I sent a drawing to Logan in a postpack tube, half of the necessary components for the mechanism were already present in the arrangement, I just bought two tubes from the post office, linked a little hobby motor to it, and voila! one tube contains the drawing, the other contains the brackets, motor and pulley required to turn the thing [the two tubes act as the spools on which the machinsm turns]

Hopefully it survives the journey and my assembly instructions are sufficient...

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