Sam Stewart @ Bus Projects

My friend Sam Stewart recently had some work on display at Bus Projects in the city [Melbourne]. I really enjoyed this work, and the pensive and almost institutional feel it generated. Probably something to do with dismembered tape players running in huge spools that reminded me of old super8 projectors...
Untitled (Inside Looking Out) "explor[es] the impact of past experiences on the psyche using deconstructed walkmans and loops of cassette tape that form words and/or images on the gallery wall"

The voice [Sam's] recorded on these flimsy tapes pronounces metaphysical and/or existential questions in a range of different languages. I think I heard Japanese and German...

A gentle and poetic work. It's on until Feb 26th, so you still have 3 days to see it.
[I must remember to look again and note the points[stars] where the tapes pivot]
It also reminds me of a Modest Mouse song - The Stars are Projectors.

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