The High Life

I recently contributed a sculptural work to a group exhibition called The High Life. The project was instigated by Phip Murray from Westspace, and is themed generally around the concept of rooftop gardens and gardening. [It is part of the Melbourne Food & Wine festival, which celebrates at least two of the really good things in life.]

The work I have submitted is similar in nature to a show I had at Westspace last year, involving flourescent paper plants and a plastic indoor greenhouse. For this manifestation of the idea, the plants are suspended above the viewer, just out of reach, and are all based on psychotropic plants - as always, I went for the obvious pun with the title...

The work is on display at The Order of Melbourne, which you enter through a surreptitious red door on Swanston St, opposite RMIT University. My first visit there made me feel like I was attending a Freemasons meeting or some kind of secret urban society.
There will be a closing event on Tues the 23rd, involving a bar crawl between the various rooftop venues where the artworks are situated. At the final venue, Madame Brussels, Carl Scrase will be doing a performance with a flower cannon!

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