'The making of...'

I have been enjoying moments of what I describe as 'paper mâché serendipity': for example, whilst texturing up a large tree, the articles in the newspaper I was using were all about bushfires. Or when I was making a bottle, it was a full page advertisement for a liquor store. Also, when I used a free music street press publication, occasionally the artist I was listening to on my ipod at the time would feature in a gluey article right before it was transformed into, well... something else.
Meanwhile, a horde of caterpillars turned up in my 'KNOWLEDGE' terrarium, as if the snails realised they were losing the battle and called in the cavalry. Their little orange dung balls are pretty wild...
I have also discovered the joys of a store near Richmond station called 'Barnes'. The pink plastic thing in the freezer is the result of this discovery - 'Pinkysil' is a rather expensive but amazing silicone which sets in about half an hour and can really make your day exciting. If I ever win tattslotto, i will probably make lots of moulds with this stuff.
The adventure continues....

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