Everything has changed

My current exhibition, Everything You Know is About to Change, Forever opened on Friday, at Linden Centre for Contemporary Art.
The work is all made from paper mache. [Except for the rope, I will concede - thankyou for your constructive criticism] Also in the installation is my first ever video work. I will endeavour to work out how to give a sample of it here...
Nestled amongst the work are a few art-historical references and plenty of autobiographical instances.
It will run until the 9th of May.
Also exhibiting at the centre are Benedict Ernst, Skye Kennewell, Lisa Barmby and Tess Milne. The parallels between everyone's work are occasionally uncanny.
Lots of models and constructions, mimickry of nature and elaborate artifice. The things we love.
Below is a silly self-portrait I took whilst installing the work. Funny the things you do after a few days trapped in a black plastic room with a bunch of paper mache trees and rocks.

This towering polystyrene and plantlife explosion is the work of Bendeict Ernst, titled [It will be a] New Garden. I took this panoramic shot before he had installed the neon lights....so it looks even more amazing now!


  1. Yay! It looks really cool. Coming to see tomorrow.

  2. Hey Andy,
    I saw your work today and I really thought it was wonderful. Layered and considered and ultimately, just a great deal of fun to be in.
    Top work!