fox and full moon drawing

Recently I found myself in Royal Park - it's quite close to my house - on a balmy evening with a bright full moon. I was riding my bike through the trees, enjoying the eerie light playing on the muted landscape. For reasons too pedestrian to mention here, I had in my bag a bottle of red wine. I therefore took it upon myself to go and sit in the middle of the large oval that overlooks the city and indulge in a few swigs, and enjoy the view.
As I was lying on my back watching the flimsy clouds passing before the moon, and aurally visualising Kerouac waxing lyrical about moons and scitars, I had a funny sense that I was not the only one present on this urban grassy plateau. I sat up, and right before me, a few metres away, a beautiful red fox was traipsing delicately across the turf - foxes have a lovely way of trotting, it reminds me of horses in dressage. I wasn't sure if it had smelt the food in my bag or if it was just having a casual look-see, but by the time it occured to me to grab my camera and try and snap it, the moment had passed, and I was alone again in the night.

So I took some squiggly photos of the moon instead. This one is my favourite.

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