Set Wobble

These are some sets I recently built for a local film production. They were almost entirely made from plywood and pine, with a few extra bits and pieces here and there. The film is titled Moonlite, and follows the journey of one George Scott, alias Captain Moonlite [a bushranger], as he galavants around the Victorian and NSW countryside in the 1870's. Needless to say, the film culminates with a slip-knotted rope. The finished footage is to be rotoscoped, so will look something along the lines of Sin City, but set in the Australian landscape. As far as I know, it is due to be released some time next year...
Working on the set was an educational affair - I now have a slight phobia of the term 'set wobble', and have learned that anything remotely heavy can, and probably should be built with wheels.

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  1. Great pics Andy. Thanks again for your terrific work. I hadn't seen the prison set lit up and set up like this. It looks ace.